About Us

Paperticket Studios is a boutique interactive media powerhouse dedicated to creating high quality XR experiences. We have worked alongside artists, directors, educators and businesses to deliver award-winning 360 film content, interactive learning material, responsive art, training simulators, and high impact video games. With over 20 years combined experience in the VR industry alone, we work tirelessly to continue developing the unique guiding principles required to produce high-quality and engaging XR content.

We specialise in producing landmark VR applications in untapped industries, working with a diverse range of clients across the private and public sector including film makers, learning centres, government / job agencies, production companies, schools and universities. These partnerships have made us the experts in VR rapid prototyping – quickly identifying how our clients can utilise XR, the specific technology that will cater to their individual use cases, and how their content can be delivered to achieve maximum impact.